Hi Blog

So, hello blog of mine.

I have not forgotten my love of you, sweartogawd. It’s just been me, not you. You’ve been great, really. Sitting there day in and day out waiting – just dawdling about doing nothing.

I miss this kind of writing which is different than any other kind of writing I do.

But this year started off rather shittily (yes, shittily. New word) when my husband was informed after a two week furlough in January that the budget for his department was cut and the work sent abroad and adios.

Taking. Knife. Out. Of. Gut.

So, yeah, it’s been a lot of that kind of nightmare.

And in between all that lovely living writing here has left me feeling blah and unresponsive and definitely not creative.

But in May he did get another job – but it is a contract job and it is back where he was…long ass (read: boring) story and I will spare you. Needless to say our life is still not quite as settled as I would like it but it is a far cry from those dreadful, dreary, depressing (today’s letter brought to you by the letter ‘D’) winter months.

So, I spent a lot of time planning my garden, reading, looking for work, applying for school, and writing. And praying.

Right now I am spending July working on my 35th 3rd rewrite of my historical Los Angeles novel which is going too strong at over 150k words and my attempt at cutting is not going so well. But the words are so precious… (my red pen says: give me a break. Except it isn’t red but dark green. Anyhoo…)

And I am preparing for college to start next month. And I’m working in my garden. And I’m trying to stay cool after almost two weeks of triple digit Kill-Me-Now temperatures. And I’m swimming almost three hours every morning and every bone in my body is just – tired. Of course, that could be the 6-week visit I had with my mother in late spring/early summer.

Anyway, I’m here. I really am. And I missed you, Blog.


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