Random Bits…

  1. It is annoying when you invite people over at a certain time and they are late. Always, always late.
  2. When I get overwhelmed I tend to want to do what I call “mindless busywork”. Meaning, work that just keeps me busy but is totally and completely unnecessary. Case in point: right now I am thinking of separating my “harvest recipes” binder into smaller binders per vegetable so I don’t have to comb through a 3-inch binder every summer/fall for recipes.
  3. On a recent trip back home to southern California I realized something. Sure the weather is incredible most of the year and the sun is shining and the air is smoggy warm but the people there are TOO. BUSY. RUSHING. THE. HELL. AROUND. To even NOTICE the great weather. My gawd my fellow-Californians, to quote an overly clichéd term: stop once in awhile and SMELL THE ROSES.
  4. I don’t like no-bake cookies.
  5. Large, empty swimming pools scare me.
  6. I am going back to school in the fall to study history and get a second bachelor’s degree. I’m scared to death since it’s been a good long time since I sat in a classroom and took notes and did research papers. But I am giddy with excitement! When I walked around the school last week and perused the (almost empty) shelves of books required for my major it was weird to pass by the communications row (my first degree major) and head to the history section. God, I’m SO ready for the challenge!
  7. It annoys me when I watch sports and the players, etc. do not put their hand over their heart during the National Anthem.
  8. I recently had to fill out a Student Health History form for my daughter. At the top they wanted to know how many weeks I was when I delivered her and when her milestones were (crawl, walk, talk). I normally guess because who the hell can remember? And why do they need to know when my almost 14 year-old learned to crawl? I say…..um….8 months. Yeah, that sounds good (enough).
  9. I’m getting ready to write another novel in the month of April and with about a week left before the Camp National Novel Writing Month begins, I have barely a page worth of outline completed. I better get busy…
  10. I love spring. The plants are coming back to the life. The days are rainy but not frigid. The birds are everywhere. And the planning of my garden has begun…

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