The Simple Things

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make me feel better. To lift a (bad/sad) mood. To bring a little smile and sunshine to a normally grey, cold, snowy January. Although, these simple things make me happy even when it isn’t a dreary winter day.

1.   Bird Feeder(s). Honestly, I would have bird feeders all over my yard scattered about in an obsessive manner similar to a cat woman with her dozen felines, cup of tea, and needlepoint pillows – if I could convince my husband that feeding the birds is not such a money-sucking-feeding-little-piggies endeavor. My current bird feeder (and one suet feeder hanging from a tree) sits right outside my kitchen window and watching them flock and fight and nibble an entire feeder in less than ten hours just makes me happy. I often stand there and just watch, losing all track of time. I love the birds.

2.   When The Dog Wants To Get Warm. Or, in other words, when she lays with me on the couch curled up so close to my leg that I think I should be burning calories since keeping my leg taut against her girth weight takes serious workout skill. Especially lovely on these cold wintery days when I am sitting there with a book, a blanket, and a cold dog looking for me to provide her warmth. Even better when she rests her cute little head on my leg. I have been known to drink cold coffee and hold off going to the bathroom until a laugh or cough jeopardizes the integrity of my girly-bits – to keep the dog from moving from her spot on top of me next to me.

3.   Scentsy. I am not a consultant nor a shareholder but Scentsy in one word: heavenly. I have about five burners throughout the house that I use on a regular basis. There is something about these scents that make me happy and if I am looking for some simple joy on a blah-feeling isn’t-it-spring-yet day I put a new scent in and light ‘er up and I walk around smiling – or as my husband would say, “whatever makes you happy.” Exactly. Now, go feed the birds, dear.


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