18 Million Dollars

I read a post on Facebook today that asked people, “What would you do if someone handed you a check for 18 million dollars?”

The responses were ALL the same.


“Faint, then donate.”

“Contribute to non-profits…”

“Help those that don’t have anything.”

“I would give my church 10%.”

“Tithe and live a life of charity.”

Okay, this is why I will not suddenly be handed a check for 18 million dollars without some kind of work attached to it.

It is also the reason I will not be one of those people who finds a suitcase in the bathroom with thirty thousand dollars inside and turn the suitcase in so the owner could be found.

Because, turning a suitcase I found with thirty thousand dollars inside would be hard to hand over…

So shoot me. I’m a terrible person.

But if I was given 18 million dollars the first thing I would probably do: pay off my mortgage and my kid’s student loan debt. Maybe get a second car to replace our current second car that actually has a heater that works. I would probably travel a bit too – see the world. Maybe I would hire a gardener and a housekeeper who would actually clean inside my oven and my five hundred windows. Hire a trainer that will come to my house every morning and force me to workout. Yes, yes I would donate money to charity too. I’m not totally a heartless, selfish person after all.

My point is that I find it funny that everyone on social media…with everyone watching and reading the comments and if they type it on Facebook then surely god will see they are good and honest folk…would hate to look bad and god forbid, selfish. If I went on there and posted about paying off my mortgage, traveling the world, and hiring a trainer I would be taken out to the nearest oak and slapped with a verbal whip so common on Facebook. But I bet there isn’t one person hiding sitting behind their laptops counting the thousands of ways they would spend that much money, if handed to them out of the blue, right down to a new big house, weekends in Paris, and a new Coach handbag for every season. Vainglory at its best.

To the people who claim all they would do with their money would be to give and donate to charities: I call bullshit.


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