Drinking and Driving

I recently had a conversation with a friend who said her son would stay the night somewhere instead of driving home drunk and that it is a bone of contention with her and her husband. They both don’t like the idea of the boy staying out all night.

The boy is underage, after all.


The discussion made me think of some of my less-than-stellar moments as a young adult.




But one night stands out.

My friend (who lived in Glendale, one town over) and I were drinking at her house. We were going to head over to my house (for whatever reason, I don’t remember) which involved driving down a curvy road to get to the freeway entrance and then it was one freeway exit away before you were practically at my front door. It took maybe 10 minutes to get down the “hill”/”canyon” – whatever it was – and then another few minutes on the freeway.

I can still remember the feeling of traveling on that freeway entrance. Drunk. I remember sitting close to the steering wheel, leaning forward, so I could – I don’t know – see better? See less blurred images?

Somehow, miraculously, I made it home that night without incident.

But I told my friend this story and how I felt her son was actually being WAY more responsible to just stay put and sleep off the liquor. Oh sure, he shouldn’t technically be drinking but that is another topic. The fact is, he is and was drinking and instead of getting behind the wheel and seeing blurred vision he stayed where he was until he sobered up.


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