The Water Challenge Woes

Sometimes I wonder if we are all getting more touchy and picky and argumentative or the Devil of Social Media is making everyone bat shit crazy.

Let’s take this whole ALS Ice Bucket Challenge thing.

People dump a bucket of ice cold water on their heads, nominate a few people, donate to the ALS charity and go about their day.

Seems simple, innocent, and for a good cause.

And then someone – somewhere made a comment on social media about people wasting water.

And that California is in a drought after all.

And then images of poor children drinking dirty capfuls of water in third world countries alongside photos of careless water-wasting Americans dumping (gasp, wasting!) water over their heads.

And then serious folks began to suggest dumping the buckets of water at least over your grass or in your garden and not on your driveway or somewhere else careless and wasteful.

Oh. Me. Gawd.

Are you kidding me?

A bucket of water we are talking about, right?

Do these complainers of Wasting Water take showers? Do they turn the water off when they brush their teeth? Do they have their car washed? Do they have a yard or a garden or herbs growing on their windowsill? Do their children play in the sprinklers? Do they fill the birdbath with water? Do they give the dog a bath? Do they wash out the cooler after a long day at the beach/camping/car ride? What about the football players who squirt water in their mouths during a game and miss, dribbling wasted water onto the field? Do these complainers wash dishes? Do laundry? What about those careless doctors who wash their hands all day long? Or those people who have swimming pools? Let’s not forget those people in places like Arizona who plug in misters to their hoses when it is too damn hot outside. Or family reunion goers who toss dozens of water balloons at each other, laughing…when people in third world countries are thirsty. The shame.

Give me a fucking break.

It’s a bucket of water, for heaven’s sake. Dump it on your head, donate some money, and stop letting the Devil of Social Media win here. Believe me, the state of California will still be in a drought with or without this Ice Bucket Challenge.


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