Mind Your Manners

I have this thing about manners. But then again, doesn’t everyone? Or maybe, mostly everyone?

I was raised in a big Italian family. (I suppose the word “big” is redundant. We are Italian, of course it is a big family.) And when I walked into a room I was required to walk around to every single adult and kiss them hello and then kiss them goodbye. And by kiss I mean on the cheek. (Ew.)

These days I don’t require my kids to kiss their relatives necessarily but I do require them to say hello when they walk into a room or when they walk into someone’s home.

If I have a friend over for coffee one morning and my kids walk into the kitchen where we are sitting they best say “hello” or “good morning” to my friend. Otherwise, I prompt them to say hello and hope like hell that one day they will get it.

However, I cannot tell you how many times people (adults, kids) will walk into my home, let’s say during the holidays, and walk right by me and not even utter a greeting of any kind. They just plop their purses down, take off their coat, and head to the island where the food is located. Oh they may eventually say, “hey” in passing but never do they walk up to me and say “hello”. And because they don’t, their kids don’t either.

It bugs the holy crap out of me.

When did we stop teaching our kids manners?


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