What I Would Do

I have a friend who is moving from Idaho to Alabama.

However, she still has a job here and not one there so she is driving with her family (husband, grown daughter, college-age son, and a tween daughter) to Alabama to settle into their new place and then will be back in time to go back to work at the end of August.

And she will live upstairs in her grandparents large home in the same neighborhood where she just sold. And work here until next summer. While her family is in the south.

Another friend asked her, “What do you think you will look forward to the most being suddenly alone without having to do the normal mom stuff?”

That question had me thinking of what I would look most forward to if I were in her shoes.

1. The Daily Grind. Taking kids to school, making lunches, picking kids up, shuttling kids to and from this and that. Homework battles. Overseeing projects. Someone needs a haircut while another needs a ride over here and another needs new shoes.

All of that stuff.

2. Laundry. Dear Gawd, I think I could go much longer without doing laundry and when I did do it I probably can have it all done with about two loads.

3. FOOD. Oh how different I would eat if it were just little ole me. I would stir-fry some sprouted lentils over brown rice with a side salad and call it dinner. I would eat way more fish. I would eat way less meat. I would eat way more vegetables – or even better, just make a meal of interesting vegetables. And I wouldn’t have to hear about how someone hates tomatoes while another hates mushrooms.

4. Peace and Quiet. I can’t really complain because my kids are older and they are hardly noisy or troublesome. But. It would be incredible to just sit down with a book and a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning and not have to get kids up and cleaning and doing chores and prepping breakfast, etc. In the evenings I would sit outside with a glass of wine, reading material, and maybe my simple little dinner.

5. Cleaning. If I cleaned, it would just, oh I don’t know, STAY clean.

6. Crafts/Hobbies. Or, better: just doing whatever I want to do without having to stop and cook dinner. If I want to scrapbook, great. If I want to spend all morning in the garden without someone needing me for something…amazing. If I want to read a book instead of watching TV, no one is going to stop me. If I want to piddle around with my mosaic projects, I can get involved without having to stop for whatever reason.

What would be on your list?


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