Paper Maps

I’ve said this before.

I love paper.

So, when we planned a recent trip I asked my husband to go to Triple-A and obtain maps for our upcoming journey.

His response, “As in a paper map?”

Um, YES, a paper map.

I know I can use Google maps. I mean, I have a smart phone and I use it for lots of things. like checking Facebook. Or Email. Or tracking how far I have walked and how many calories I burned. I look at a calendar. And maybe check the weather in Bari, Italy. I go onto Google when we are watching a movie and can’t figure out who an actor is. I play a couple of games and maybe use the calculator or dictionary. And of course I text.

But, to use it to track a journey of 500+ miles?

I’m sorry and I hate to sound eighty years-old but I just can’t do it.

I like to see the entire path and I can’t do it on my smart phone. I want to highlight the route. I want to hold up the  map for the kids to see how much further we have and how far we’ve gone. (Truth be told, I also like one of those state books you also get at Triple-A that gives points of interest for each town and city we will pass through. You never know when a museum may strike an interest and a pause in the long drive.)

If I were the one driving my husband would track the entire journey on his smart phone…but that isn’t happening. I’m sorry but I’ve seen those stupid Google maps and other apps on those phones direct people in circles. Can a mistake be made via a paper map? Sure it can but it is highly unlikely unless you are someone who can’t read a map.

I roll my eyes when I listen to my forty-something friends who claim they won’t ever use a smart phone and they don’t care about apps and they refuse to use a computer beyond Email and they absolutely will not go onto social media and I wonder if I am doing the same thing still going to Triple-A in order to get maps I could easily open on my phone…?

No matter how it seems, I just prefer paper.

Do you still use paper  maps or are you totally converted to the smart phone maps?


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