Oh, Just Eat The Bacon!

Just yesterday on Facebook I noticed a few posts that mentioned bacon. As in they were cooking with the wonderful, glorious, delicious stuff. And in each post people mentioned heart attacks, heart disease, and “go ahead and eat that and we’ll see you in the hospital…” kind of thing.

Um, hold on.

First off, let’s just clear this up mighty quick: are you eating bacon wrapped meatloaf with a plate of fried up bacon on the side every single day?

No, you most likely are not.

However, another thing sort of bugged me about these comments.

Tell me, commenters mentioning clogged arteries and heart attacks – what exactly are you eating? Let me guess, oh please, let me guess.

How about processed food? How about McDonalds? How about frozen pizza and boxes of gross mac & cheese? How about anything that requires you to take something out of the freezer, take off the plastic wrapper, and pop it in the microwave? How about anything that gets cooked in a microwave? How about things with a ton of ugly food coloring? How about that bag of chips with your sandwich? Or the cake mix from a box? Or the frozen Dino nuggets? Or the pre-seasoned meat? Or frozen desserts from a box? Or that box of hamburger helper or canned soup or canned chili?

Believe me – all that shit we seem to mindlessly consume, including the awful-for-you fat free nonsense, is MUCH worse than a few slices of bacon on your meatloaf even if you wanted a side of fried up bacon to go with the meatloaf.


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