I was talking recently with my walking partner about living in Idaho.

When we moved here a decade ago we had a purpose in mind. Get out of southern California with its high prices, annoying traffic, and high crime…and find somewhere slower, more peaceful, and a better place to raise our kids.

We found that.

And it has been ideal.

But maybe, just maybe, it will be time to move on in the near future.

I can’t say Idaho has been perfect. Yes, it has been a slower way of life and I love that most. It has definitely been more peaceful and less frantic and just about zero traffic even at 5pm on a Friday night.

The neighborhood has been, well, let’s say safer for sure. Friendlier? That’s a whole other blog post, folks. But, it is safe, beautiful, and totally enjoyable. The weather has been absolutely great with four delightful seasons but I am also that crazy person who just loves winter. We were able to sell high in San Diego and buy land and a big ole house and we have been able to travel around, plant a garden, and have privacy between houses (not something we had in San Diego, that’s for sure!).

And there have been some things not so great. Our education system is at the bottom of the list and the employment outlook has not been in our favor.

As I walked with my friend one of things we talked about was how little we could do here around Idaho. Now, I can’t say I have always felt that way because when we first moved here we saw plenty of the state driving north, east, and west and exploring everything from a potato festival to an old mining town to the infamous Sun Valley and everywhere in between. In another words, we sorta did it all.

And to drive elsewhere isn’t that convenient. For instance, it is a seven hour drive to Portland. Eight to Seattle, eleven to Vegas. And if I wanted to head back to my old stomping grounds in L.A. we are looking at somewhere between fourteen and sixteen hours.

And that was when my friend used the word, Kept. We are kinda Kept here in Idaho with nowhere to go exactly.

She summed up exactly how I felt.



And sometimes I feel as though I can’t breathe here anymore.

I don’t know what all this means but I guess it does point out one obvious thing: this will not be our final resting place.

I just don’t want to be Kept forever.

I want to roam and explore and uncover and learn and find and discover.


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