People Who Don’t Cook

I was watching House Hunters recently when a person said they weren’t interested in the kitchen because they didn’t cook.

And this wasn’t the only show I have heard that sentiment.

I even have friends in real life – not Imaginary Friends you find online – that claim they simply “don’t cook”.

Okay, call me crazy but I don’t understand.

I mean I get that not everyone wants to be Chef Ramsey and cook up a masterpiece beef wellington with a julienned jicama and carrot slaw with a roasted red pepper and garlic sauce. And I also understand that not everyone is obsessing over the Food Network shows with as many as fourteen a few DVR’d on a regular basis.

But, um, how does one simply NOT COOK?

What do you do?

Are you eating cereal or frozen pre-seasoned chicken breasts from the freezer every night? Or, are you going out each and every night?

How? What? Why?

I’m going to admit that it bugs me when I hear parents say that. How in the world do you “not cook” when you have small children?? Surely you are feeding them something besides McDonald’s or PB&J sandwiches. Please Gawd, tell me that isn’t true.

What does “I DON’T COOK” mean, exactly?


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