Garden Woes

So every year I grow zucchini.

I started gardening when we moved out of Southern California where I could hardly get a palm tree to grow let alone fruits and vegetables.

And of course zucchini has been a staple in my garden for the past decade.

And of course it is a love-hate with the green squash.

I love it.

And then oh dear gawd, I hate it.

Especially when it grows overnight into baseball bat size squash and I can’t give it away. No one wants it come September.

Even me.

Oh, and the kids.

They begged, “Please mom, don’t grow zucchini this year!”

And I just laughed, “hahahahahahahahaha.” Oh children, you crack me up.

And in went not just zucchini but two separate locations of yellow squash too.

A glutton for punishment.


Every year I have grown zucchini I have had abundance.

Over abundance.

And I have dealt with the dreaded (and UgLy!) squash bugs but they have not ever really destroyed the production of zucchini.

I move the plant every year and it is never in the same spot. This year, however, it went into the same spot I planted it two years ago.

And almost immediately I had squash bugs.

Not late in the season when I actually talk to the bugs (what? You don’t talk to bugs?) and tell them, “be my guest and eat that sucker!”  Because by then I have lost the will to live, I’m so tired of the garden.

But this year I have squash bugs while the plant is in the toddler stage of development. The plant is still relatively small and the fruit is just beginning to grow. Little by little the baby gherkin-size zucchini were turning yellow and deformed due to the squash bug infestation.

So, I immediately took off all the gross looking zucchini, tore off the leaves with the dozens of baby squash bugs ready to hatch and destroy, and headed to an organic gardening supply store for some powder stuff to sprinkle on the squash leaves.

After about a week I didn’t see any and the plant began producing a few new zucchini.

And then I spotted another bug.


It had me thinking terrible thoughts: what if this year I don’t manage to produce any zucchini and the bloody squash bugs win out?

A year with no zucchini?

Oh Me Gawd.

I can’t even go there. It actually bums me out.

My kids may be thrilled but what will I do with the three hundred recipe ideas I have pinned on PinCrack for creative uses with zucchini?!?


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