Random Bits

1. Recently Sting announced that he wasn’t leaving his multi-millions to his children. Oh, poor babies. It was all over the news for days. Okay, so they won’t get any of daddy’s millions but, um, children of celebrities can open a bazillion more doors just by their last name than us mere mortals. My guess is they are going to be fine. And if not, start throwing that last name around and you’ll have plenty of people opening doors and windows for you.

2. I think I can totally live in one of those “Small Houses”. For starters, I don’t like clutter, I love organization stuff, and I dig multi-purpose furniture with hidden compartment storage. Imagine how fast it would take you to clean a house of 200 sq. feet? Ah, glorious. Granted, you can’t necessarily host a big ole family Thanksgiving dinner but – is that such a bad thing?

3. People who collect wine – do they ever drink all that wine they spent so much money on? Do they wait for a special occasion? If you spend a ton of money on some old bottle of Boudreaux what would constitute a special occasion?

4. Do you know people who seem to just know it all? I mean, if they are going to school to be a candy stripper suddenly they know every disease and treatment known to man. And if someone is going to school to one day become a legal eagle then by golly they seem to know every single law – to the point I wonder, why bother with law school when clearly you know everything? I call these people Full Of Themselves and it is dreadful being around them.

5. I hate hearing that I am “Like so-and-so” (usually an aunt or grandparent). No, I’m like myself thankyouverymuch. Why do some people always feel the need to compare like that? And, why do I have to be like anyone? What is wrong with me just being me?

6. You are not “Pregnant with unborn child”. It’s redundant and saying you are simply “Pregnant” says it all since you clearly are not pregnant with a fifth grader.

7. I hate to even admit this. So, I, um, watch The View. It isn’t because I want to, really. No, really. I have always seemed to watch it and well now it is just something I still do. I DVR it so I can fast forward 80% but still, I watch and hold my head in shame. Can I just say that I cannot stand Sherri Shepherd? She often forgets she is wearing a microphone and when she screams (as she often does) I can feel the hairs on my body stand at attention. She is always so one-sided in her views and every single thing out of her mouth is completely obnoxious. This week she has been in rare form since announcing she is leaving (oh thank god) as if she doesn’t care anymore and maybe she doesn’t.

8. What do you think of people who never eat your food? If they are not on any dietary restrictions and yet they refuse to drink or eat anything you make even when the drink offered is something you know they drink all the time at their own house? They arrive with a bottled water and that is all they touch as if my entire house is filled with cooties. And each and every time food and drink are offered there are a myriad of excuses why they won’t partake. I can see if I live in squalor and haven’t washed my hands in a week but that is really, truly NOT the case. Now that I notice it and it is so incredibly obvious it pisses me off.

9. I am totally into sprouting. So far my favorites are lentils and mung beans and a mixture of spicy greens like radish and alfalfa. I am so hooked. It is very easy and the results are awesome.

10. So far I am almost at 16k words for my Camp NANO – where I am working on a historical fiction rewrite. It is slow going compared to how fast I can write a first draft but I am seeing the end in sight and am anxious to get this rewrite completed and start focusing on book proposals. The book to date is teetering around 106k words. I think at this point it will end with close to 125k which would put it around a 500 page book, give or take. But the thing will need further editing and tightening so I am still estimating the total finished project to be about 100k.


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