I think we all cheat a little bit at some point in our lives.

I remember cheating in my 11th grade English class and my (favorite) teacher walked up beside me and asked me to take the small piece of paper I had hiding under my thigh and put a big ole “F” on my paper. Shit.

Recently we asked our middle son to write a letter explaining why he needs a new computer and what he would use it for. No, it isn’t because we are crazy parents but because he is obtaining a discounted computer (about half off) through a program that provides computer for students for under two hundred bucks.

So, he writes his “essay”.

I’m appalled it is so awful. I tell him I don’t ever want to see the “first draft” of anything he writes and go back and work on it.

Fast forward weeks. I mean, weeks and weeks.

He produces another copy.

It’s worse than the first.

Oh me gawd. I tell him that the people providing these computers are going to rush one over to him so he could begin immediately studying his ENGLISH.

Finally, after the third awful draft (this from my A & B student) I sat him down and together we worked on the stupid essay. I showed him how I edit and read aloud and fix sentences until they are as good as I can (hopefully) make them.

He yawned and eye-rolled his way through the mini-English session.

I was recently walking with a friend of mine and she told me how a teacher at the local elementary school did her son’s entire senior project. She worried that it wasn’t going to come out well enough so she did it for him – the whole thing.

Hearing this made me furious. It also made me think about how I helped my son with his computer essay and wondered if we (as parents) are just doing too damn much?

I don’t think I crossed the line into cheaterdom but that mom who did her son’s senior project most certainly did.

This kind of stuff makes me, I don’t know, pace the floor and feel my blood pressure rise – of course, I have a husband who likes to quote “Frozen” (dear gawd) and says to me, “Let it go.”

I have another friend who loves, loves, LOVES to tell the restaurant staff that it is either her birthday, her daughter’s birthday, her husbands birthday – you get the idea. Then, at the end of the meal they giggle as the staff sings them happy birthday and they all enjoy a free dessert.

On one of these occasions they brought my oldest son out to dinner with them and when he came home he told me that my friend told the server it was his birthday and they sang and gave him free ice cream.

I don’t find it amusing or funny. I find it wrong and annoying, which is what I told my son, not that he could do anything about it.

I don’t like cheating – the people who are always after something for nothing or cheat in order to get away with something.

How do you feel about people who cheat?


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