What Happened?

I was looking at a newspaper over the weekend and casually pursuing the insert from a local grocery store for their sales for the Fourth of July and immediately I was – I don’t know, a cross between saddened and disgusted.

The passion, the fight, the determination, the risks we took as an early country surrounded by immense change and incredible courage has been replaced by sales of soda pop, bags of potato chips, and gross whoknowswhatsinside hot dogs.

Is that what we are all about now? Crap food and a bunch of fireworks?

Sometimes I find myself disgusted by what we have become a country obsessed with stupidity. Reality shows, dumb celebrities, awful politicians, and a growing climate of social illnesses.

Of course we have amazing greatness. But often we are laughed at by some of our seemingly stupid ways. Why are we more interested in the Kardashain’s than we are about our crumbling education system? And the food we seem to be ingesting is nothing short of pathetic and gross.

I remember standing in the middle of Independence Hall in Philadelphia and feeling overwhelmingly in awe of all that our country fought for – worked towards – and stood bravely for. I only wonder how we can go back to a country that stood tall and proud and United?

What happened to our great country?

I think somewhere John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson are shaking their heads and refusing to even take a bite of a barbecue hot dog.


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