Salem Girls – Novel Update

During the month of April I wrote another novel as part of the National Novel Writing Month program (Camp NANO). I met the 50,000 word limit by the 19th and managed to finish 45 chapters of this historical fiction novel by the 2nd of May and totaled 79,551 words. It is now on the way-back burner for now and probably won’t see the light of day until at least next year.

Do I love the first draft? No, not really but I don’t normally like my first drafts, period. They all need serious work and this one is no exception. As you can imagine it takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in the early 1700s in the years following the infamous witch trials and I noticed I was having the women in the story “sweeping” a lot – and no, that is not a euphemism for anything more interesting. They were just, well, sweeping. Every time I typed it, I laughed and made a note to find other things for these women to be doing with their day besides tending the garden, hand washing, and sweeping. Did they do anything else three hundred years ago?

July begins another Camp NANO month and here we are halfway through June and I still haven’t worked an outline for a new project – this time it will be a contemporary novel.

Time just seemed to swoosh by – I spent all of May in a tailspin of busyness. We had family visiting, celebrated an anniversary, a birthday, mother’s day, and had a two-month long houseguest. I was going out every single day doing something or buying this and that and running here and there. Add to the mix two kids in the throes of the last weeks of school and dealing with the college-age kid and explaining how money doesn’t grow on trees (now I just sound like my parents). June arrived and for two weeks we dealt with the houseguest (still), a birthday, and the end of school finals.

I know.

More excuses.

I can see my fellow writers shaking their head at my lame excuses.

Needless to say I was tired and didn’t do much of writing or editing for that matter.

But now the birthdays are over. The celebrations are over. And the houseguest is back to her own house a thousand miles away.

I have no more excuses.

Except I have been fighting this stupid head cold that has moved into my chest with a terrible cough –


I have no other excuse for not doing anything whatsoever to move ANY of my writing projects forward. I haven’t even picked up a book or researched. Nothing but making a few notes here or there.

I now have two weeks to get my act together and get a new project ready to be written during the month of July.

Best get busy.


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