I think everyone needs a hobby. Golfing, jigsaw puzzles, knitting, crossword puzzles, or making birdhouses out of recycled materials.

I grew up in a household divided. My mom is a big hobbyist. She reads, crochets, paints, knits, sews, and refinishes furniture – for fun. She was also big on crafting like making wreaths and decoupaging glass plates. My dad, however, did nothing that resembled a hobby. He didn’t play golf (he liked to watch sports on television if that counted), he never picked up a book of any kind and the only time he managed to create little wooden baskets that looked like animals…he stopped the minute my mom suggested he sell them.

My husband has a list of hobbies as well. He golfs, plays tennis, and horseshoes. He builds models. He reads.

My hobby list continues to grow. Yearly.

I garden. And read. And cook. But I don’t really consider those hobbies, per se. Without cooking this house would starve. I guess they wouldn’t starve but I wonder how long they could live on cereal and pancakes.

I embroider too. So nineteenth century but I love it. It is a cheap, quick hobby that I can do while watching television and at the end of an evening I usually have a new decorated tea towel to add to the two drawers of towels in my kitchen. I also have piles of napkins, tablecloths, and pillowcases waiting to be embroidered as well.

Now I want to quilt.

Which first requires me to learn to sew.

I took sewing in high school way back when.

I brought my projects home and my expert-sewer of a mom finished my messes and tore out seams and I received an “A” in the class…and to this day I can look at a sewing machine and I might as well be trying to attempt brain surgery with a butter knife. What? A bobbin is different than the thread? How? Why? What?

Yesterday my mom and I walked through a craft store and through the vast aisles of sewing related business. She picked up a pattern for a quilt. Triangles and squares and strips and I immediately felt overwhelmed. How I will ever quilt I’m not really sure but dammit, I want to learn even if it means sitting with my impatient mother as she tries to teach me to sew. Yeah, that’s going to go over well.

Last week I decided – thanks to PinCrack – that I want to make these mosaic rocks for my garden.

Looked simple enough for me (I am so not a crafty person) so I gathered rocks and washed them. After three stores and a few online resources I managed to locate glass tiles, broken mosaic pieces, antique store (broken) plates, and a few bags of multi-colored marble things. Then, I watched YouTube videos and went to Lowe’s to buy grout, gloves, and sponges.

So, I am currently going to learn to sew, make a quilt, and mosaic a bunch of rocks for my garden. And then in my free time I will continue to read, embroider, write novels (although not technically a hobby), and garden. 


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