Stupid Mistake

I hate when I do something stupid that I realize too late that it is, in fact, really stupid.

I mean, I didn’t give out personal data on the phone with someone promising me a good investment. I didn’t send money to a nephew trapped in Belize. And I didn’t open the door to strangers.

I was searching for this coupon for Winco. Okay, this sounds innocent enough. And then suddenly I was on a website for coupons (which I don’t support nor obsessively coupon because usually the coupons are not worth it when you factor in most stores no longer double and you have to buy multiple items which end up costing you more than if you – anyway, I’m nowhere near an obsessive coupon clipper but I do occasionally clip cereal, which we always need, and basic cleaning supplies. The Winco deal was on a super low price ground beef. Anyway…) which somehow took me to another website or another.


Checked “no” a million times.

And then.

I entered my phone number.

And I’m not even sure where or why.

My husband (the IT guy) said, “Why in the world would you enter your phone number? You know better than that.”

Ah, shit.

I do know better than that and the answer is “I’m not sure why I entered my phone number!”


And since then I have received several calls a day from countries I didn’t even know exist (thanks, Google).

Which I am blocking.

But still.


And I’m pissed at myself for being so stupid.


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