Random Thoughts and Bits

1. I love spring in Idaho. Seriously pretty. And when you come from a place like southern California and spring is like any other day in the year, you come to appreciate the goodness of seeing trees come to life, flowers blossom, birds flocking to your yard, and the grass turning green.

2. But I remain a winter person at heart. I love hibernating. And I love slipper socks and soft blankets to keep warm.

3. I started writing in the third grade but throughout my young life I never felt self-assured enough to do anything more than type away short stories for my best friend to read (who pointed out my misspellings). It would take me until my early adult life to even begin to talk about writing with others.

4. I grew up in a large Italian family in Los Angeles but these days we are all scattered about and I think there is only a small handful who actually still live in Los Angeles. I miss the big hoopla’s of getting together with aunts, uncles, and cousins and wish my kids had more of an opportunity for that sort of childhood.

5. I hate my BBQ. It’s all brand new and stuff but I wish we would have just bought a nice old fashioned Weber – the bubble looking kind.

6. Speaking of BBQ’s we have one sitting in our garage that we need to dump. Along with a mattress and a huge television set that lost its color wheel somethingorother. And by dump I mean donate.

7. I have a love-hate with reality television. I hate myself for watching it. I pause it every other minute to make some comment about it (my husband just loves that).

8. I have a love-hate with television in general. We watch it. We upgraded from a regular ole DVR to TIVO so we can more storage! More channels to record at one time! Better! More TV! Yippee! And yet I would so much rather sit and read. If I was on my own I would only watch television sporadically and read way more. As it is I can’t just sit and watch but I have to be doing something – either sorting and organizing something, embroidery, reading non-fiction, reading research notes, something. Anything. All that being said, there are plenty of shows I look forward to – and enjoy – watching.

9. I really want to go back to school and get a graduate degree in history.

10. I’m not sure our destiny is to remain in Idaho forever. I asked my husband a very interesting question: “If none of our children remain here in Idaho, will you still want to stay here?” The answer we both had was, “No.” For starters we need to downsize soon. This big ole house was fantastic when we first moved here ten years ago and had little kids. Now, one is off at college, one will be in college in two years, and the baby graduating in five short years. This house and yard will be wayyyy too much for us by then. We are pondering it all.

11. To watch my daughter eat chicken off the bone is like watching someone dissect an animal. 

12. I like my coffee very, very hot.

13. I love to garden but I get a bit overwhelmed when trying to do stuff when the harvest is coming fast and strong by late summer/early fall. When it is time to close it all down, I am actually pretty excited and ready for the rest.

14. I love to embroider tea towels. Yes, like the young girls of the seventeenth century who had nothing better to do. I feel a bit old fashioned when I do it, I’ll admit, but I find it relaxing and fun.

15. If I didn’t dye my hair a few times a year I’m afraid at just how grey my head would be.

16. This past weekend we went through my soon-to-be teenage daughter’s room and rid it of almost all toys. It is bittersweet. Sweet because I will never have to handle nor deal with another microscopic pollydamnpocket again – in addition to millions of tiny animals, Barbie clothes, and other little bits of this and that. Bitter because all that remains are stuffed animals. Bins and bins of them, which she still loves – but now she wants her room painted and she has a bin for make-up and posters of One Direction hanging in her room. Ugh.

17. My son is in culinary school and when he was home for Christmas vacation all I got out of him was two batches of biscotti. Are you kidding me? He kept saying he was on vacation!

18. I have been wearing one of those pedometer’s to see how much I walk around the house on any given day. Turns out I walk just over a mile – mainly back and forth from my office at one end of the house to the kitchen at the other end. I was shocked I walked that much! (Like I said, I like my coffee hot!)

19. I analyze and overthink shit way too much.

20. I do all my writing on a computer but everything except my blog posts I print out. My husband called me a “paper whore” because I tend to have bits and pieces of paper – everywhere! Notes, lists, recipes, more notes, outlines, ideas, more lists, quotes, blog ideas, reminders, written manuscripts, and more. I guess I just love paper.

21. And highlighters. I love highlighters a lot and I recently discovered the Sharpie clicky type highlighters. They are lovely.

22. I love to cook. I cook dinner just about every single night. Every once in awhile I get my husband to make pancakes or something. I also have four cookbooks in the works. And by in the works I mean I am developing recipes, writing, testing, outlining, and researching.

23. I have been studying the battle of Gettysburg for awhile now and have read numerous books on the subject. I have about fifty books on my Kindle to read and several more hardcopies. I really want to be a historian.

24. I am not crafty. I can embroider and scrapbook and follow directions (for the most part) but I have been trying to figure out how to make this idea I saw recently for the garden: basically covering a round sphere with pennies glued on – and I can’t figure out what type of round object to use exactly.

25. I also can’t sew and am torn whether or not I want to learn. I think it would be handy but I’m not overly passionate about it. I also can’t crochet or knit and I am not really interested.

26. I read, on average, a book or two (fiction) a week. Sometimes if I pick up a dud I tend to lose momentum, which is what has happened to me recently. I picked up a few I thought I really wanted to read only to get through a chapter or two and they put me to sleep. I didn’t pick up another book for weeks.

27. But I’m always reading something. Right now on my desk are three 3-ring binders with notes for my novel projects: one on life in New England in the seventeenth/eighteenth centuries and two on life in the early forties. I have a Gettysburg book I am almost finished reading, a historian book I am almost finished reading, and a culinary history book I am reading as well.

28. I have a thing about a neat garage. And we keep our garage pretty neat and tidy and always swept.

29. I lost my dad just over eight years ago and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish he was still here. I miss him more than words can say and still cry when I think about him. I get to hear his voice every time I call my mom and the call goes to voicemail (okay, it isn’t technically voicemail. She is almost 83, she has an answering machine).

30. I have a fear of any dog on the loose without a leash or a human on the other side of that leash.

>>>I suppose that is quite enough for one day. I have a stack of reading now to get to. Happy Wednesday!


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