The Age of Saying Anything

I’m addicted to social media.

I am.

And I wish to god I wasn’t.

Some days it feels as if the world of social media has unleashed a firestorm of people, anonymous or otherwise, out there saying whatever it is that comes to their mind, day or night, and without much care as to how their words make others feel.

I’m certainly not saying I have been passed over by this trend but right now it feels – as a society – we have thrown up all over ourselves. We are a society that doesn’t take the written word seriously. We curse, argue, defend, fight, and slam people for everything from a news station posting about the weather to medical advocates trying to dictate what is said and not said on their Facebook wall.

And people are nasty.

I mean, downright naaassstttyyy.

They seem to have no objections to dis on anyone whose beliefs differ ever so slightly from their own. 

Political, religious, even bad drivers that have relocated – all fair game in the World We Live In Today.

Everyone has a target on their back and no longer are we conversing around tables, hashing out arguments and discussing politics or medical developments with a glass of wine and a fine dinner but instead hiding behind these keyboards and typing away all the disgust we can muster at – well, complete strangers in most cases.

I guess the same could be said about blogs and podcasts and websites where anything we want to talk about – voila – we can talk about. Are we becoming simply full of ourselves? That we all have something monumental to talk about? People living in remote areas with no formal education and hasn’t read a book since the sixth grade are finding ways to converse with us? Why do we care what other people, strangers, have to say anyway? Is this making us somehow better? More enlightened? More connected?

I don’t know, honestly.

I wonder when the pendulum will shift and our society will head back into some kind of civilized existence when we aren’t spending hours and hours arguing with complete strangers about who are better drivers in the rain.

It’s all becoming extremely tiresome, narcissistic, and dreadful.


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