Spring/Summer To-Do List

Do you all have to-do lists?

A couple of times a year I like to do a massive clean/purge/organization and with that inevitably comes a list. Just a massive long list of all kinds of stuff to take care of, call about, order, replace, reorganize, do.

The lists from year to year vary little, it seems.

Things like deep cleaning the kids bedrooms and purging their closets and toys are always on the list. So is cleaning the outside of our kitchen cabinets – a dreadful and boring task that requires a sponge, a bucket, and a special solvent and me on my hands and knees to do the lower cabinets. It’s a job I hate but necessary when that sun streams into the kitchen and you see what is on those cabinets. Ew. Also a yearly thing: cleaning freezers and garden and yard work, taking the dog to be groomed, making dentist appointments, even the simplest of tasks like changing out the flowers in the front entry (I have spring flowers and fall flowers. I live an exciting life, I’ll tell you). But I like those quick and easy tasks because it means I get something to cross off.

If the list was all things like: Call the blind repair guy to fix strings on some of the blinds, clean windows and screens, or go through the garage cabinets – that shit right there would never be crossed off and most of those things I just keep adding to the list every year, hoping one of these seasons I will manage to get them done.

This year I have a few new ones like replacing the toilet and shower curtain in the stinky boy’s bathroom upstairs. It is gross in ways that I can’t even stomach right now. Also new:

Building vegetable beds out of cinder blocks for my garden
Call for quotes from a landscaper for some kind of trim between grass and rock beds
Paint my daughter’s bedroom (the baby pink is no bueno for the soon-to-be teen)
Reorganize my recipe folders (because I am truly a sick mo-fo and have nothing better to do it would seem)
Purge my scrapbooking supplies (maybe not all of them, but more than half)
Job file folder (this is for the hubby…who knows where we will land; one can hope anyway)
Purge crap in shed (too many totes still full of too much stuff…it has to go!)
Buy additional bird feeders (because one can never have too many birds to watch when one is reorganizing recipes)

There is more on my to-do list but I certainly would hate to bore everyone.

What’s on your to-do list?


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