A New Beginning

So, here I am in a new home.

I blogged for eight years on another site and decided that perhaps it was time to lay to rest that blog and start with a nice new and clean slate. 

Faced with a fresh new sight under a totally new name I suddenly feel empowered and free – or as free as writing stuff for the great big ole web can be.

What is this new blog of mine about?

In a quick word: everything. Oh, that is sooooo vague.


I know.

But it is how I roll.

I guess more technically it will be about everything that I find interesting. How’s that? Clearer? Yeah, I thought so.

Let me break it down a little bit better.

I am an overly emotional, highly sensitive introvert who is a great friend and who loves to curl up with a good book, a glass of wine or a nice cup of coffee, watch cheesy television like American Idol, parent three teenagers, navigate a soonish empty nest while tending to my vegetable garden and would like nothing more than to sit outside and watch birds (and no, I am not an eighty year-old man). I also happen to be a full-time writer of historical fiction, cookbooks, children’s picture books, articles, and a few non-fiction projects thrown in because my desk isn’t cluttered enough. I have a love for highlighters, history, cooking, learning, and exploring…and balance one pain-in-the-ass (but so terribly cute) Beagle, a house that takes too long to clean, and a desire to go back to the 80’s when everything seemed to be solved with plenty of hairspray and neon clothing. I have a somewhat restless spirit who is constantly thinking of where I’d like to move to next. 


That’s what the blog will be about.

More or less.

Welcome to the Wordsmithery. It’s fun in here.


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